You Were Born To Be A Winner

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Are you tired of being a loser?

It’s often the case that as kids, our dreams and visions were the grandest they’ve been in our entire lives. You knew what you wanted and that you could come out on top.

As a little kid, I wanted more toys then the rest and I knew I was better then the rest. I had a winning mentality. I knew that there was an untapped hidden potential inside of me, and all I had to do was tap into it.

It wasn’t until high school that things started to change. it become more about popularity and sexual relations. Because sex is so shamed in our teens, it became the central focus as a young boy. Becoming cool or popular was also tied into this.

Society Conditions you to Want Less

You see, as kid – you wanted it all. You wanted every toy you could get, no matter who said you were being greedy. You most likely knew that you wanted to be a fireman/singer or whatever your dream was at the time. This wasn’t a mere dream, there was a strong sense of certainty that you would become who and what you wanted to.

I remember playing rugby as a youngster and having a very clear certainty that I could become a pro if I wanted to.

But do you know what happened? The schooling system pushed the idea that if you didn’t go to university, then you were “dumb”. So I focused on studying instead. My mother also didn’t even watch me play a single game in 7 years! In her eyes the only way to success was to obtain a degree and high paying job.

Complacency is not something you were born with. Complacency is a habit pushed upon us by society. Your parents, your teachers, the media and society in general will condition you to want less out of life. They will show you a path that has already been done. That is not unique to your talents and gifts. That is all they CAN do. Because they do not have your talents and gifts, how could they know what you are capable of?

To Be True To Yourself Means Winning

I fully believe that everyone is born with a winning mentality and a unique gift. It is up to you to cultivate that gift.

No one can ever know all the intricate details of your personality, your vision, your goals, your dreams, your work ethic, your gifts, your hidden talents. Only you know this.

Let me repeat.

Only YOU know this.

So next time you let someone talk you out of your dreams. or you let your parents talk you out of pursuing something different. Ask yourself – do they really know me well enough to be dictating my life path? the answer is no.

It takes a very strong sense of self trust. You need to trust that you are on the right path for you, because only YOU truly know yourself.






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