How to Become a New Person

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I’m going to discuss with you some true north principles that I have implemented in my own life to go from zero to hero (aka become a new person).

Focus on Changing your Habits

Think about a person you admire. They can be from your real life or they can be a well-known person. What character traits is it about this person that you admire? Their resilience? Their hard work? the fact that they’re a “cool” person?

Most likely the character traits you admire all have to do with adding value. If you’re a hard worker you’re seen as adding value to you workplace or profession. If you’re funny or popular you’re seen as adding value socially.

Therefor the key is to have character traits that add value in one way or another to something or someone. Video games and strolling the internet add no value to anyone but the stimulation impulses on your brain. Big no no.

Building Character traits that add Value

Character traits are formed through your daily rituals. What are you doing day in and day out that is forming who you are as a person.

If you’re someone like Elon Musk, you’re spending almost every waking hour working, followed by a few moments of pure ecstasy that you get to spend with family. Then off to work again. This is a man on a mission.

For most people you need to be seriously looking at your hobbies and forms of entertainment. Because hobbies and entertainment is something we do daily. Thus it will effect our character.

Even something as small as the movies we watch. I have a reputation for liking scary/thriller movies. Then I realised I was doing myself a dis-service. What does that say about my mind? if I always gravitate towards horror movies then it says something about my psyche and state of mind. It says that I enjoy being scared and that I can relate to feeling helpless and afraid. Why not watch comedy movies or more empowering movies? Then, you will relate to being funny and also powering through life.

How to become a new person: If Walter White did it why can’t you? – Photo Credit: Lewis Jacobs/AMC

Empowering your Character

Instead, you want two things. You want to be working hard in your choice of work. The 2nd thing is you need to spend your free time on hobbies/entertainment/leisure doing things that will add value. Because this will build your character traits to positive qualities. When you spend your free time aimlessly looking at a TV/Phone, you are lowering your character because you’re empowering character traits of laziness.

Hobbies such as a rowing club, a boxing class or yoga are all great because they are adding value to your community. You have a bunch of people from all walks of life training together to get better at something, while encouraging each other. This is value. Even when you go out and party with the boys or ladies, you are adding value because you are encouraging a fun, social, human-connecting, happy experience of life. This is also a form of value.

According to a study ( ) hobbies actually contribute to your life so much so, that they prevent you from dying sooner.

If you’re going to spend time doing absolutely no work, then do it at the end of the day. When its at the end of the day. you will appreciate it more and you will probably not waste your precious time arguing or being bored.

You Will End Up Like Your Parents If You Don’t Change

If nothing I said got through to you then understand this final analogy.

If you continue on the path you’re taking. Not working hard, Not giving it your all. Not empowering your character, Not adding value to the world. Not making it your purpose to be a valuable person. Then you will probably end up like your parents.

Look at your parents and their life. Is that how you want to end up? If you’re okay with that then you will probably do fine continuing on with your life as normal. Cruising by will probably get you to how you’re parents are when you reach their age.

But. If you want to become a new person, and NOT end up like your parents then you need to start practicing what’s been said in this article. Develop new, value adding hobbies. Work hard to build your discipline. Even spend your time for leisure and entertainment doing something that adds value. From there, you will turn into a person of actual value, you will not want to read articles like this titled “How to become a new person”. You will already be a new person.

You will have found yourself.

Thank you for reading.


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