One Quick Tip For Those who Struggle With Discipline

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You know what you want out of life.

Maybe it’s a promotion, becoming healthy, beating an addiction or building a business.

On top of knowing what you want, you also already know how to achieve it.

You already know the steps you need to take.

You already know that you need to put the work in. You’ve probably heard it a million times on motivational videos.

But here comes the problem.

Every time you try to put the work in, your mind gets distracted. You’re either too tired, too exhausted or not motivated enough.

You are looking at things the wrong way, my friend. Read on.

Effortless Discipline

A major problem that a lot of people have is they are viewing discipline as an excruciating task, some sort of torture to your very being. But this could not be further from the truth.

You are made up of the past, present and future. Correct?

Therefor, whatever you do in the present either directly or indirectly effects your future.

I want you to think of your future as if its your best friend.

If your best friend had a favour to ask of you, would you say no? Would you say “Im too tired”? Or would you do the favour straight away, knowing that you are lending a helping hand to your best friend, while also feeling good about it.

Treat Yourself with Respect =/= Being Disciplined

Treating yourself with respect is the same as being disciplined in life. It means you actually care for your future self. You want to nurture and look after that future self. Because that future self is YOU – a soon to be YOU.

You don’t need to view everything as gruelling, hard work. Rather, view the work as lending a helping hand to your best friend.

While in the present moment, do favours for your future self, just as you would your best friend or your brother. Why would you help out your best friend so easily but when it comes to your own future, you often say no?

I hope you can see the flaw in that frame of thinking now.

This is why people generally don’t respect people who are overweight. People who are overweight do not respect themselves enough to do themselves favours. They self-sabotage. In other words they do not respect their future self. If they do not respect themselves, how can they expect respect from others?

Final Note

Tired? Exhausted? Unmotivated? It’s not about how you feel right now. It’s about the future you (your best friend). If you can not put in the work, if you do not have discipline, then you are pretty much spitting in the face of yourself (the future you).

You are disrespecting yourself.

My friends, have respect for yourself and you will go far in this life.

Eating a salad, going for a jog and putting 4 hours of work in; are all things that show you respect your future self. You can end the day with gratitude, thanking yourself for helping out the future you.


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