How to Make Big Decisions and Course Correct your Life

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Lets cut to the chase.

Life is essentially a sum of decisions. That being said, have you been making the right decisions for yourself? This is the most important question you will ever ask yourself.

Every time you make a wrong decision in your life – you are taking a chip and swinging it into a gold nugget. That gold nugget is your “character” and every swing you make will take you further and further from living a life that you deem worthy.

Anyway, enough of the analogies. Let me give you some practical tips on how to make big decisions and course correct your life.

STEP 1: Ask yourself: Do you have dreams of a better life that you could be living?

Successful people are generally successful because they have a vision for their future by defining what life they want. They then slowly make the correct life decisions until they reach their desired goal. This is what I want you to do.

I don’t believe in the 10 commandments.

I believe the biggest sin is giving into “comfort”, “fear” and “apathy”. In my mind. there is no worse way to live – you should be fighting these three things with all you have. If you give in to them, your life will be a misery – a real life version of hell on earth.

Peeking behind the “blinders” of mind-made limitations (fear, comfort and apathy).

The Harsh Truth About Making Big Decisions

The harsh truth is that making big decisions is painful.

The pain is akin to losing a loved one. The emotions of uncertainty, fear, emptiness and conflict can be brutal – but very necessary.

What you need to focus on is what happens after you make the big decision. This goes back to what we spoke about earlier about having a vision for a better future. Do not dwell on the decision itself, focus on the steps you will be making towards your new future.

Here are a few painful decisions that I have made which altered the course of my life and put me on a “higher plane” so to speak.

  • Ending a long term relationship
  • Leaving a very high paying job
  • Overcoming consumption of alcohol/drugs and living a sober life (while still socialising regularly)
  • Cutting off negative friendships
  • Moving to a new city
  • Investing money into risky business opportunities
  • Facing general discomfort by putting myself “out there” to learn new skills and form new relationships/ friendships.

These are all painful decisions to make.

Key point: If you made all of these decisions with the desire to live a better, more fulfilling life, then you will reach heights you never thought you were capable of.

Do not make big decisions based on greed, jealousy, hate and other low energy emotions.
DO: make big decisions based on personal fulfilment of your ideal life.

To be honest with you, many people just don’t have it in them to make these “big” decisions. Maybe, for them, the answer is to work on being a stronger person and building courage first, so they can eventually make the right decisions.

The lotus is a tropical plant which rises above it’s murky, muddy surroundings to flourish into a delicate, vibrant flower – A pretty cool depiction of rising above all the petty bullsh*t in life, while still finding a way to live an amazing life. 

STEP 2 – Ask yourself: Are you happy with where your current life is heading?

For those of you who do have the courage, ask yourself – Are you happy with where your current life is heading?

Or do you feel like there is a “better” life out there that you haven’t tapped into yet?

If the answer to these two questions are “no” and “yes” then you have some major decisions that you need to make.

Use your gut instinct to determine the decision.

Take action.

Make the decision.

Don’t look back.

Start mapping out your new life. In a few months, maybe a few years – you will be living a more new, fresh, better life. If you made the decision consciously and followed your gut. You will be more powerful. You have upgraded.

You made a decision for yourself.

You chose to act in the face of fear.

You are stronger. Wiser. More courageous then others.

You look back, almost in pity, at the person you once were – as that is no longer you.

You have become something greater. You have become who you were meant to be.

Thank you for reading.



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