The Secret to Building Success in Your 20’s

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I’ve been sick for a week or so (pushing myself on 2 hours sleep is not the best idea).

Nonetheless, it’s been amazing!

It’s really helped me to ponder my life on a deeper level. I started thinking about some powerful concepts and wanted to share them with you.

I’m going to show you some simple mind shifts you can make if you wish to be the type of person who has massive success later on in life. It’s really a simple matter of making some mind-shifts in your 20’s, so that the rest of your life will be set up for greater successes.

A lot of these concepts aren’t even a secret, they’re well known principles. Read 1000 books on success and self-help and you’ll see the same idea’s come to the forefront.

Anyways, lets get to it.

Comfort/Laziness is the ULTIMATE source of evil

As a person in your 20’s, you do not want to be giving in to the emotion of comfort. You need to be living, experiencing, learning, failing – anything but conforming.

Indulging in comfort can make you feel as if you are possessed by a demonic entity, stuck in the realms of hell. Trust me, I’ve been there. There might be no worse feeling then having no purpose or drive.

Have you ever seen someone in their 40’s or 50’s who looks resentful, bitter and angry? I would probably bet my savings account, that you have.

Why is this the case? It’s solely because they did not play their cards right in their 20’s and 30’s – and they are now paying the price.

They did not set themselves up for success. They did not set a game plan for the future. They gave in to the notion that comfort = happiness. They were wrong.

Overcome your Addiction to Comfort

The closest, real life example of living hell, I can imagine, is a homeless person you see lying in the streets. They are the embodiment of hell on earth. They have no discipline, they have horrendous health (both mentally and physically), they are drug addicts and they are lazy. Essentially, they conformed to their ways and refused to be proactive or take positive action towards a better life.

Comfort is always a gradual thing – at first its just “one” slip up (instead of facing your problems head on), then before you know it, you’re swimming in your own feces struggling to stay afloat.

Every decision you make to conform (derive pleasure from easy highs) – means less success in your future. Plain and simple.

The pleasure of comfort will destroy your health, soul and future.

Conforming is like saying “f”ck you!” to your own dreams.

Do not say yes to the “easy” high of comfort and pleasure.

Make a Paradigm shift and Evolve to Higher Planes 


Your 20’s should be full of mistakes, trying new things and learning.

Try new things. Fail. Learn. Repeat.

Get that tattooed on your arm if you have to.

Ask yourself right now – Are the actions I’m taking right now going to lead me to greater successes in my later years? if the answer is no, then you need to start questioning your lifestyle and shift your focus to area’s that will take you into a success paradigm.

“If you want small changes in your life, work on your attitude. But if you want big and primary changes, work on your paradigm.”Sean Covey 

Your paradigm is a map of the world according to your core beliefs. Living your life in a way that will deliver the best future for what you truly want out of life.

The Top 3 Success Paradigms to Develop in Your 20’s

These are just my 3 personal success paradigms that I created a few years back.

I don’t believe one or the other is more important. They are all important.

  1. Having a goal that will lead to Financial Freedom

After making mistakes, having experiences, failing and succeeding in my 20’s and 30’s, I want to be able to contribute and give back in my later years.

Do you believe that you will truely be full-filled and gracious in your older years if you’re still struggling to make ends meet? As we spoke about earlier, you will likely be bitter, angry and resentful if you’re still fretting about your bills in your 40’s and 50’s.

This is why you need to make a game-plain and get very, very serious about it.

Whatever you can best apply your discipline to at the highest level, pick that. If you are more on the creative side pick an art, if you’re more technical minded, pick a business or master a career to the highest level. There is always a way to apply discipline into any area to achieve financial success.

If you literally have no idea where to start then read Think And Grow Rich and begin the journey.


Learning discipline earlier on in life essentially guarantees your chances of success. Discipline is essentially consistency + focus. Pick one or two primary things you want to achieve and apply consistency and focus to them.

2. Social Acuity and Relationships

The people you talk to on a consistent basis will form your character and personality.

Date and form relationships with as many people as you can in your 20’s and 30’s. Forming relationships might be the #1 most important skill on earth. Learn what type of people you want to be around and how to make others feel good. Don’t limit yourself to just your friends, being “sharp” socially is about being able to connect with a wiiiiiiide array of people. Unless you want to be known as the snobby/selfish guy, learn how to form relationships.

This can only be effectively learnt through practical experience, not through reading books or watching video’s. You need to go to bars, talk to strangers, go to events, have conversations every day – rather than the simple hi and bye. I force myself to go out at least a couple of times a week and engage with people. I believe there are MANY people out there who take this skill for granted.

The mainstream agenda won’t teach you this, notice also that the mainstream don’t live happy, successful lives, which is why you have to think outside the box. Partying and having fun with people is actually great for your success, because it teaches you how to engage and connect with others on a human to human level, not just in a work capacity. It’s about how you manage your time, swap the TV and YouTube for Partying and you’re good to go. The only bad side to partying I can really think of is drugs. Stay away or know your limits.

However, if you really need some tips and tricks to make things easier then go read The Quick and Easy Way to Effective Speaking. It’s the book that Warren Buffet successfully used to conquer his fear of public speaking.

3. Prioritise Healthy Habits

This ones always been a work in progress for me. After getting sick this past week I’m determined to only eat natural foods going forward.

My diets always been decent, but theres always room for improvement.

Those deserts and random snacks add up. Stick with the 90/10 rule and eat at-least 90% natural foods. The eventual goal will be a 100% non-processed natural diet.

Even if you don’t care about your physical health. Think about it from a brain boosting perspective. When your brain gets the nutrients it requires, you will feel less anxiety, which will improve your relationships, while simultaneously giving you more mental concentration to focus on your goal of financial freedom.

Notice how all of the success paradigms are inter-connected and feed into each-other.

Aside from diet, be exercising on a daily basis so you can pump all that oxygen in your brain and be fully AWAKE and ALIVE.

Its Never too Late to Start Your Journey to Success

Successful Author JK Rowling was in her late 20’s when she came up with the concept of Harry Potter, because of a 4 hour delayed train ride.

Billionaire investor Mark Cuban was a lazy bartender throughout his 20’s.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos had a standard dull finance job in his mid 20’s.

It’s never too late to achieve success. Start now and reap the rewards later.

There you have it my friends. The keys to building success in your 20’s. This is my own personal paradigm, if you wish to, you can create your own set of success paradigms.

The main take-away message I wanted to convey was less about my paradigms of success. Rather, getting you to understand the notion of what a success paradigm is, so you can begin to immediately implement it in your own world and lead a happier and more successful life.

Thanks for reading.

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