Journey From Tired and Lazy To Motivated

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The Beginning of Your Dreams

Where do you start? There are so many directions. So many possibilities.

You could be this type of person. You could be that type of person. You could invest in property or you could start an online business.

Or you could just get high all day long.

The truth is that none of it really matters.

What Matters is Picking One Goal and Pushing to Your Edge

The only thing that matters is if you are pushing to your edge. You need to pick only ONE goal. Then pursue that goal.

If you want, add another 2 minor goals. BUT, the one major goal is still the priority.

The goal needs to be something that makes you push you to your edge, because it will help you grow into something bigger.

Something that you are not right now.

Right now, you are most likely staying in your centre, your comfort zone.

When you push to your edge, you transcend your current self.

You become something more, something different, something greater.

Your One Goal

For example: The one major goal for myself is building up my e-commerce business into a global empire.

My two minor goals are to continue to get stronger and more fit at the gym and to spare time to strengthen my social acuity.

These are all things that will boost my body, mind and soul.

From Tired and Lazy To Motivated

You Must Religiously Think About Your Goals

The one major goal gets your full attention.

You are always thinking about it.

Why are you always thinking about it? Because you know that growth in this goal will mean lessons, a better future, and something to look forward to in life.

Think of it like your own religion. It will teach you many lessons and give you a brighter future.

You should always be thinking about it, because you need to always be thinking about it. So that you can find short cuts, loop holes, ideas, different methods of attack.

It takes many many many many hours of imagination and action to build up something that the world would appreciate.

The other day my girlfriend was crying on the phone to me, because we hadn’t spoken in a couple of days, she thought something was wrong.

I re-assured her that everything was going great. Truth of the matter is, I was thinking about my business the whole time. Ideas. Ideas. Ideas. Zero anxiety. Zero neediness. Just value adding.

Have you defined your goals? If Not, Why Not?

Do you have a major goal? Do you have 2 minor goals?

Is watching Youtube, Netflix or porn going to build your body, mind or spirit?

Most importantly – is it going to build your FUTURE?

You know the answer to that.

Define your goals right now. Write your ONE major goal, as of this time period in your life. The one thing, that, if you were to accomplish within the next few years, would make you extremely proud of yourself.

It can be anything from starting a business, buying a car, a house or getting a girlfriend/boyfriend. Anything that you want to accomplish.

If you need help with inspiration read BIG books with BIG idea’s like The Magic of Thinking Big, Relentless and The 10x Rule.

Write your goal on a post-it note, fold it up, then keep it in your wallet.

Look at it every day.

What is The Next Step?

You want to be able to look back 5 years from now having accomplished your goals, and on the track to setting new goals. Either that, or you have learnt a sh*t tonne of lessons.

Let your mind soar with imagination and start to truly ask yourself: “What is the next best course of action I could take?”.

If it’s building a business, for example, simply start with what your business will do for the public.

Then pick a name you like for your business.

Then create a website and check if the domain name you want is available.

How will you offer services that is different to what’s already on the market? Start pondering ideas. They will come.

Remember the post-it note in the wallet. With constant pondering of your goal, the ideas will come. Ignite your imagination. The sky is the limit.

So start right now. And if you haven’t already done so – write down your one major goal, and begin to pursue it.

Thanks for reading.

Until next time,

Martin Archer

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