Create your Own Path to Success

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Is There Greatness Inside of You?

Growing up I was always an outlier, I did not resonate or get along with many other people. I always saw others my age playing video games and watching TV, it didn’t make sense to me. My friends would constantly be talking about sports such as football, often watching hours upon hours and what seemed like endless discussion about their teams.

I was more interested in deeper topics of conversation. Exploring my mind, cultivating passions and hobbies, growing the spiritual, physical and financial aspects of my life. I believe there are also a large number of other people like this, they do not connect with the status quo of 9-5 job, nice house, nice car. There is a deeper paradigm inside of you, once you surpass the basic desires of the masses. I believe that this is indeed greatness, seeking to express itself.

Don’t Seek Approval from Others

If theres one thing that will destroy your life and bring you to the depth of misery, it’s seeking approval from others. Your goals and your life mission must come from within.

Why? because if you base your goals on another persons standards, once you reach that goal – THEY will be slightly happier for you, but YOU won’t. How many parents are there that consciously or un-consciously force their standards and desires on their kids? This will ruin you, because you are basing your happiness on what another person thinks.

A lot of parents just want bragging rights at the family function. They want to be able to define their kid in one sentence by saying “my son is a dentist/lawyer/doctor”. You are not a simple definition. You are so much more than that. You have infinite levels of layers and complexity to you in regards to what makes you happy. You have friends, values, hobbies, dreams, goals and experiences that have shaped who you are.

Your goal may not be financial related for the time being. you may not be able to put a label or job description behind it. That doesn’t mean you’re a lazy slob. Your goals may be energetic. It might be your goal to spread as much love and positivity to others – if it feels right within you, then it is worthy of exploring.

Jon Jones (un-defeated light heavy weight champion) growing up was told by his parents he was “too much of a nice guy” and that he “didn’t have that killer instinct” to be a mixed martial artist.

You are Made up of Reference Experiences

Essentially, your entire life is determined by your reference experiences. Your reference experiences are the life experiences that you’ve had and how you’ve chosen to interpret them.

This is why you must set goals for yourself and not set goals based on others. EVERYONE has different reference experiences based on their own individual lives. Your parents had very different lives and experiences (reference experiences) to you.

Every experience you’ve had and every memory you have – make up who you become and what you value in life. I’m a huge fan of reading biographies of successful people, because this will also become stored in your mind as a reference experience – and ultimately make up a part of your decisions going forward.

Only You Know Your Path

You have certain areas of your life that you resonate deeply with – you will not always be able to communicate this properly to anyone – so how could anyone truly know what makes you happy? They don’t, only you do.

Find out what resonates deeply for you, and go full-steam ahead. Your path is your path. You do not need approval or the “OK” from anyone. You will feel some uncertainty. That is fine. As long as you know that the path you are taking is right for you. We are after fulfilment, not approval.

You must create your own path to success.

Thanks for reading and if you have some time please check out some of my other articles.


Martin Archer


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