Why “Recreation” is Overrated

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I’m going to give you my raw opinion on recreation. Some may deem it over the top but I am very passionate about this subject.

Recreation is poison.

There, I said it. Recreation will ruin you. It will burn the very essence of your soul. Recreation will destroy your path to success.

What exactly do I mean by recreation? Recreation involves things people do outside of work to “zone out”. Common forms of recreation are: social media, TV, internet, gossip, binging on food, video games, hanging out, drinking at bars etc.

I’m not saying hanging out with your friends is bad. I encourage socializing, it builds character and improves friendships. But the vast majority of people are simply doing it wrong.

Here’s an example of a typical Friday night:

  • drinks after work at 6:00pm
  • pre-drinks with friends at 8:00pm
  • copious amounts of alcohol, cigarette smoke and drugs at the club/bar
  • splurging on fast-food and the taxi ride home

Here’s a list of things you achieved from that night:

  • Your body will be out of wack for at least a few days.
  • About $200 of your hard-earned cash gone.
  • You lie to yourself saying “yeah it was a pretty good night” even though you can hardly remember it.

And if your’e the type who doesn’t drink and stays home, then its even worse. You mock everyone else for partying, yet you yourself will spend every weekend watching movies and munching Doritos. Again, more wasted time on “recreation”.

Work Hard. Play Harder.

Cut Out Recreation and Begin to Advance in Life.

Once you begin to cut out recreation time its as if a cloud of confusion has been removed from you. You realize the years upon years that you have wasted in a zombie-like trance.

Essentially, recreation is what is keeping you at ground level. It’s whats holding you back from taking your life to the next level.

Here’s My Alternative for a Friday Night:

  • Drive to the club at 11:00 pm, meet all your friends at the bar/club. Say hi to everyone, party for 10 minutes, then say you have to jet. You’ll arrive home before midnight, feeling alive and healthy, and saved yourself $200-$300. Same thing accomplished as everyone else, except you saved yourself money, time and health – ready to hit the day HARD the next morning, while everyone else is hungover.

Take a second to think about what YOU personally take part in as “recreation”. Do you enjoy it? Do you genuinely value the time you just spent watching TV? What about the hours spent aimlessly scrolling the internet?

I’ve personally wasted years procrastinating and justifying it as “recreation” or “chilling out”.

A New Life of Purpose and Fulfilment.

Look at people like Elon Musk, Will Smith, Dwayne Johnson – Or anyone else with an ounce of success. Do you think these people are spending every afternoon and weekend “chilling” for hours on end. Hell no. They’re doing what they can, day in and day out to IMPROVE and to build their future into something greater.

If you want to feel ALIVE and on purpose, cut out all forms of recreation. Or at least cut out 90% of it, so you can TRULY enjoy that 10% for every minute of it. You can spend time doing things you love, with those you love – but keep it at a minimum so you can truly enjoy those special moments. If I take time off, it will be to spend time in the company of those I love. Or perhaps something that will invigorate me such as a walk in the park or a massage. Watching TV and scrolling the internet will simply suck the juice out of you.

For the most, you want to be working. Work f*cking hard. Work hard and do things you love. When you finish work, you should continue to work. Work on getting out of the job you hate. Work on your personal mission in life. Build your brand. Build skills. Build wealth. Create character traits in yourself that you admire in other people. Cut out the bullsh*t, no time wasted. Become better, everyday. That’s my motto.

Recreation is for suckers. Work and play is for winners.

Thanks for reading.

Martin Archer



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