There is no Such Thing as Laziness

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People’s ideas about laziness in today’s culture are completely mis-guided.

It’s truly unfortunate.

Are you someone who identifies as lazy? Are you someone that complains that they can’t beat the habit of “procrastination”? Let me explain to you where you’ve gone wrong.

How Do People Become Lazy?

Growing up I chose to study a Bachelor of business majoring in Accounting. I saw myself as fairly disciplined and hard working.

Even though I hated accounting, I pushed through it, in the hopes that landing a job in Accounting or finance would give me some sort of satisfaction or fulfilment.

I completed an internship and landed a job. It was nothing like I thought it would be. Reality set in hard – I realised that my life would be spent sitting in front of a computer, while staring at numbers ALL DAY LONG.

I dreaded getting up to go to work. I became a horrible employee. I did the bare minimum. I hated getting up in the morning and I hated work. I would be apathetic to anything anyone said to me at work. Even outside of work, I would eat garbage food and barely leave the house because of my procrastination. I become a lazy. 

Meet Gary. Gary claims he “loves” his job. Yet, every day, all he looks forward to is going home and watching Netflix.

What Direction is Your Life Heading in?

So, after years of studying, getting my degree and landing a job – how is it that I became lazy? Shouldn’t I have become more disciplined? more focused? and have more zest for life? It wasn’t until I left my job that I found out the reason for my new gained habit of laziness.

After leaving my job, I began working in a completely different industry part time, while also pursuing other business ventures at the same time. All of a sudden it was easier to wake up in the morning and go for a morning run. I would wake up, run, work, research, meditate and started reading more books. After all the work was done I would go out with friends and want to be happy and laugh with them. I started doing boxing classes and made eating healthy a priority.


Suddenly the thought of being lazy would make me sick. Laziness? why the hell would I waste my time being lazy? why the hell would I waste hours lying on my bed when I could be pursuing all these other cool things in my life?

My future became bright again. I become disciplined.

You Are Lazy Because You’re Pursuing the Wrong Things

You see, when I had my job in accounting, I became a lazy, good for nothing, sob. I had no passion for my career, therefor I had no passion for life. When your life is missing fun  and passionate activities from it, then mindlessly browsing the internet for 4 hours is completely fine. You can justify doing nothing but eating pizza all week. Because lets admit it, its probably better than your job.

The problem is not that you are a “lazy person” or “undisciplined”. There is no laziness.

There is only heading in the wrong direction in life.

When I changed my career, picked up new hobbies, started enjoying life – I started taking my life in the direction I actually wanted it to go. SIMULTANEOUSLY – I became disciplined.

You do not need to work on your discipline. Rather you need to question whether your life is heading in the wrong direction. If you do not have energy, if you do not have passion for life on a daily basis, then you yourself know, that you are taking life in the wrong direction. Your body will force you to become lazy, sluggish and apathetic.

This is your bodies defence mechanism. It does not mean you are lazy. It means you are taking your life in the wrong direction. Your body and mind are literally telling you. That feeling of dread, apathy and exhaustion when you think of work is a sign. It’s a sign that you need to find your own unique interests, so you can unlock the authentic talents and gifts that you have to offer in that area.

“People should pursue what they’re passionate about, that will make them happier than pretty much anything else” – Elon Musk

Do you think Elon Musk could work 100 hour work weeks and start 3 companies, if he didn’t have interest in what he was doing?

P.S do yourself a favour and go get Elon Musk’s book, his story is a great source of inspiration and a true testament to what can be achieved. Every time I would procrastinate or click on youtube, I would think of Elon Musk and his story – then I’d get back to work. Get his book here.

Focus on what Truly Interests you

Find out what gets your juices flowing. Find out what interests you. Find out what makes you alive. Get in touch with your dreams and who you want to be. How do you know your on the right path? You will begin to wake up in the mornings with excitement and enthusiasm. Life is no longer a chore and you have meaning. I guarantee there will be no laziness. There will only be WORKING HARD and LIVING LIFE.

It’s never too late to make course-corrections in your life. Discipline is a very important factor in the fulfilment and happiness of your life. So if you are not disciplined, perhaps you need to ask yourself whether you have picked the right lifestyle or picked the right work.

Change your career, job, hobbies or interests. Find things motivating and worth pursuing to YOU. Squeeze the juice out of life. Find your passions so you can truely become focused, which in turn will help you to get the most out of life.

I hope my story will inspire change in you.

Thanks for reading!

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