How to Free Your Mind

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I hope this article does not come across as too “woo woo” for most readers. When I came across these concepts my life changed for the better, so I am simply spreading the message to others who may be in need.

Is Your Mind at Peace?

It is almost odd to see a person in a peaceful and happy state. You just don’t see it anymore. In my former work place my manager was a very positive, cheery and happy person. She had values, she ate clean, she was happy, she was vegan (not that you need to be vegan) and in general just an awesome individual – which was part of the reason why I accepted the job in the first place.

She stood out like a white swan in a flock of black. I remember thinking to myself “It’s crazy that she is the outlier, and the norm is to be negative/jealous/anxious/angry person”. How crazy is that? Yes, in todays day and age – it is completely normal to be an anxious, depressed and negative person.

Let that sink in for a little bit.

Clearly, something has gone wrong here. So what’s the culprit? I am going to be going fairly in-depth here. We are going to be talking about how unhappiness seeps in, how to get rid of it, and then, how to build a life of positivity, joy, abundance and happiness.


You MUST Be the Gate-Keeper of Your Mind

Before you can be happy, you must first understand what causes misery.

Misery is caused by information over-load. It’s caused by thinking. Events and life circumstance do not cause misery, its how we interpret these events in our mind. As Tony Robbins says “Out of your deepest pain, will come your greatest gifts”. We, as a human civilisation, are suffering from information over-load and over-thinking. If the “thinking” is not positive or proactive, it becomes dense. It is like a cancer that spreads and you cannot stop it. This is where we become trapped in thought.

In cave-man times we did not need to think beyond sex, survival, food and sleep. For the most part you would either be taking action (looking for food) or being present in the moment (relaxing/having sex).

The beginning of this beautiful, transformational change will have to start with you being the gate-keeper of your mind. What does that mean? it means you have to stand guard at the entrance of your mind. You need to be conscious of what is coming in.

You are not an isolated membrane, you are your surroundings, you are what you’re consuming. Think of EVERYTHING that you are consuming. ALL of that, ultimately, goes into a part of the person you will become.

Things to Remove From your Life

So we’ve established that most people are unhappy. We’ve also established that the first step to freedom is being the gate-keeper of your mind. What does that entail?

  1. The Internet

The main culprit for un-happiness in todays era, is the internet. The internet is not the problem, it is where we choose to focus while on the internet – that is the problem. When you even go on a “harmless” website such as youtube, you will be bombarded with toxic videos. Instagram, facebook, youtube and online forums are a breading ground for causing jealousy, un-ease and selfishness. The large majority of the people posting are after a quick buck or a quick popularity spike. They will lie about how cool they are and how much money they make. This all seeps in to your mind over time and causes destruction.

2. Your Environment

Another harmful culprit is your environment. I lived with a toxic mother for years, you will waste years of growth having toxic people in your life. No matter how much you think you are – you are not an isolated membrane, you are permeable. You are effected by your environment. Your friends, your family, your partner/s, your acquaintances and your work colleagues. If you realise any of the above is causing you negative emotions, you need to face them or avoid them like the plague. If this means quitting your job, then so be it. I’ve quit jobs in the past with impressive salaries. No regrets. Always prioritise your happiness. Recognise what is bringing you down.

3. Lifestyle

The last culprit that will breed toxicity in your life is your lifestyle choices. Sitting alone in your room will cause anxiety. Lack of exercise will cause depression and un-ease. Fast-food will cause brain fog, disease and anxiety. Lazy-ness will also cause depression and lack of purpose. Drugs and alcohol will bring you away from your true purpose in life. Recognise your lifestyle choices and where they are taking you.

How to Free Your Mind

Now that we’ve discussed being the gate keeper of your mind, and not letting negative things in – we will now discuss what to do from here.

The next step is to guide your mind in the right direction.

You must focus on everything that will uplift your life, rather then letting things make your mind go astray.

Things that will uplift your life: positivity, sharing, beauty, creativity, lightness, playfulness, gratitude, abundance, flow, expansive energy.

Any sh*tty thought you have, even if its just a petty thought such as “that guy is a loser”, contributes to the overall sh*ty-ness of the world. Do you want to contribute to the greater good of the world or do you want to be part of the masses that bring toxic energy to the world? make your decision and make it consciously.

Presence will Help you Discover your True Purpose

For most people I would recommend starting a meditation practice. If you don’t like meditation then you need to be doing activities that forces you in the present moment, like hiking, being in nature, or just facing your fears head on, which will also give you great presence.

I do not use meditation as something to become “relaxed” and okay with how the world is. Rather, I use it as a tool for my mind to become ultra sharp and focused so I can concentrate on what I really want out of life, while similtaneously removing negative thought patterns that hold me back.

From this state of presence you will know what your next course of action in life should be, because you will see reality for what it is. You won’t have a facade caused by the thinking mind.

You do not need to think of the million things that could happen or that you need to do. Think of the one thing you can do now. This is being in the present moment.

Are you Living a Life of Fulfilment or Dread?

When you build presence you will start to realise you have a deeper purpose inside you, you will want to fulfil this purpose. You will start to look at your life deeper then the surface level.

Choose to contribute to the world where you think it is lacking.

Choose to create a life you believe to be beautiful and worthy of living.

Choose to be the best you can and even if you make mistakes, you will learn vital lessons.

Choose love, peace and joy

Choose life.

I hope this article has given you at least a tiny glimpse on how to free your mind. I know this issue plagues millions, but there is course of action you can take to free your mind. For more reading material see a great book called The Power of Now.

Thanks for Reading!

-Martin Archer

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