An Impractical Guide to Meditation

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Meditation is More Powerful than any Drug in the World

Man I feel great right now. I feel powerful, alive, complete, refreshed. I could have 1000 problems in my life, but it doesn’t matter. Everything is okay.

This is what meditation does.

The effect is similar to doing cocaine and other drugs – an extreme sense of well being, confidence, peace and pure power. I feel bad for coke/drug addicts, they could have access to the exact same high if they just learnt to meditate.

This article may seem very hippy-like to those who haven’t meditated. But try to read it with an open mind because the benefits of meditation are un-deniable.

In a world where prescription drugs are the norm, it’s clear that people’s mental states are not up to par. The general populace do not know how to effectively take control of their own mind. They have to rely on a man in a white coat for their happiness, does that not sound absurd to you?

Hell, even the large majority of religious folks do not even know how to pray. Meditation and prayer are the same thing. They offer the same results, whether you are agnostic or religious is irrelevant.


My “aha” Moment with Meditation

Let me guide you through a little thought experiment. Think about the world before the earth was formed. There were no planets, no life, no stars, no existence, there was just nothingness.

If you’re religious – think about how it was before god created the world. If you’re agnostic – think about how it was before the big bang.

There was absolutely nothing. No thoughts, no life. Just stillness.

This is the space you want to work with when you are meditating. You are connecting yourself to God, the source, pre-big bang – what ever the f*ck you want to call it.

When you connect to this source, everything is okay. You realise that whatever it was that created the world is inside you, that is a very powerful feeling to have.

Everyone is Seeking the Same Thing

There is a silent inner-stillness inside every single one of you. Every human on earth has access to it. Which is why Jesus could not express any negative emotion, his connection to God and prayer was too strong – this is the exact same connection that Buddha had to meditation. It’s the same energy. It’s also the same energy when a heroin addict feels the “high” for all but 5 minutes.

So you see, Jesus, Buddha and the heroin addict, all essentially had access to the same sense of bliss. The only difference is the drug addict feels it for about 10 minutes, and the other hours of the day will be hell on earth for them. This is why you do not obtain the feeling artificially through drugs, you obtain it naturally through meditation or prayer.

Can you imagine the potential power you could harness if you had the ability to not let thought control you? It would mean having control over stress, worry, anger, anxiety and fear.

How to Meditate Properly 

Okay, so now you’ve taken 20 minutes out of your day to sit on a chair and meditate.

When a thought comes up don’t judge or get tangled in it, just observe it. Tell yourself “that is a thought which my mind has produced” and then continue to focus on breathing into the stomach. Don’t get caught up in the thought, let it rise, then let it dissipate. Be the observer of the thought, rather then being controlled by the thought.

Tell yourself: “If not now, when?” When will you give yourself the chance to just be at peace with yourself, so you can harness your true power?

Guided meditation is more about visualisation, we want to be effectively meditating, not visualizing.

I recommend starting with binaural beats:

Sit in a chair, headphones, eyes closed, listen to this:


Now you feel very calm and centred. Listen to this after the first one:


Now open your eyes. This is bliss, you will feel alive and powerful.

You will feel a deep connection to your true desires in life. If you talk to people, now you will express yourself truely, without all the mental dialogue.

There will be no negative energy, you will want to grow, expand and help others, because you will realise your cup is already filled.

This is meditation.

Continue on with the practise until you get better and better, you will start to feel more powerful everyday you do it. I wish you all the best on your meditation practise and remember: consistency is key.



Thanks for reading,

-Martin Archer


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