How to Change and Become a Success

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Is it Time for you to Change?

It starts with a decision. It starts with a thought in your head that says “I’m not happy”.

You will reach a point were the decision to remain the same is too painful for you. Being normal is too painful. Being average is too painful. Being mediocre will kill you, drive you insane. You know deep down, that you are not fulfilling your true potential – and this is the silent killer that breeds misery.

You know in your heart the only way forward is to become better.

If you are sick of trying again and again – then stop giving up. Stop making excuses. Stop starting over – and start pushing through. Start pushing through what you thought you were capable of. This is real change. Mental transmutation, as described in the book the Kybalion. Mental transmutation means the art of transforming, or changing the condition, quality or nature, of the mind from one condition to another. Going from coping to thriving.

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One day, in the early evening, I decided to make a decision. I was slightly hungover, slightly high and the only thing keeping me awake was the cigarette I was smoking. Pathetic. Nonetheless, I made a decision. I made a decision that from this day forward – every day I will become better in some way, I will work towards my dreams slowly, day in and day out. I will cut out all the bulls*t and dig deep to achieve my goals.

Thats where it all starts. TODAY.

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started” – Mark Twain

What can I do TODAY that will help me shift in the direction that I want it to go in?

Maybe its cleaning your room, maybe its researching that business idea, maybe its eating that salad. Meditation, work, love, exercise, health – these are things that will make you more ABLE to reach your dreams.

The simple truth is that there is a voice inside of us, that will hold you back. It is the voice that says “yes” to smoking that joint, its the voice that says “yes” to lying in bed all day, doing nothing. It’s the voice that puts your goals in the boot of your car, rather then in the drivers seat. Kill that voice. Make your GOALS your PRIORITY. See where it takes you.

I haven’t reached all my goals, but I know for a fact I am closer then what I was yesterday.

There is no better time then today to start.

Thanks for reading.

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Martin Archer





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