The Complete Guide to Increasing Testosterone Naturally


I decided to release this article because there is simply too much misinformation on the topic and also because I spent years trying to increase my own testosterone levels. Even medical professionals are releasing their low-grade, snake-oil products to the masses, all in the name of profits.

There is a billion dollar industry on increasing testosterone and getting better erections, all of it is a scam. Testosterone boosters: scam, libido enhancers: scam. Viagra: scam. Viagra and Cialis work, but its not the real thing. It’s masking the issue, instead of solving it. Every time you take it, you will become desensitized to it, and you’ll need a higher dose for it to work (like every drug). Not only that, but sex is no where near as satisfying, having to swallow a pill for your jack hammer to work. I’ve tried many “herbal remedies” as well, such as horny goat weed and maca – they never worked. They always seem to make the situation worse and make your libido even lower then when you started.

I’m literally raging as I type this, remembering all the money I wasted on test boosters, fenugreek, maca and other “libido boosters”. The real problem was that I wasn’t addressing the route cause – which we will be going through in this article.

Increasing your testosterone levels seem to release a domino effect in all other areas of your life. So why don’t we as men try to improve our testosterone levels? or at least ensure they are at optimal levels? pure laziness.

Do you have low testosterone?

Common symptoms of low testosterone are ED (erectile dysfunction), low libido, high voice, lack of focus and a hard time putting on muscle. If you’re still unsure about your T levels you can either get your blood levels checked by an endocrinologist or get a Testosterone Test Kit from amazon. Having low testosterone levels will make everything in life harder then it needs to be – it will be harder building muscle, staying focused, working on goals, being confident and building relationships.

The causes of low testosterone is largely correlated with high estrogen levels. Too much estrogen is mostly caused by: eating meat injected with hormones, GMO foods, dairy products, alcohol, high insulin (sugar) and medications.

If you have some of the symptoms of low testosterone and would like to change your life for the better – read this article. It may just be the cure-all for you.

Testosterone, The Key To Freedom

As a man you should be doing EVERYTHING in your power to increase your testosterone. If you’re not, then you will have a life filled with no direction, semi hard boners, and zero understanding of what it means to be a man in your prime.

I have many friends who have taken the artificial route to increase their test levels via injecting testosterone (steroids). This works, and works bloody well. But its not recommended, there are too many uncertainties and it would depend on your personal lifestyle whether you can commit to that. For a man over 50 this may indeed be the best route.

For the rest of us, there is the natural path. It will take longer and require more discipline, but will be well worth the drastic life changes that will ensue.

Test image

How to increase Testosterone:

  1. Raise Growth hormone levels

Growth hormone is the anti-aging hormone. You need high levels of growth hormone if you wish to have high levels of testosterone. There are a number of different methods you can take to increasing growth hormone:

Lifting weights: Lifting heavy weights will spike your GH levels. In particular you want to be doing movements that involve your entire body. Squats and dead lifts will be the best movements. Lift as heavy as you can for lower reps, strength is the main priority here.

Intermittent Fasting: Another proven method to increasing GH levels is intermittent fasting. You want to be eating 2-3 meals a day. Constantly snacking will increase estrogen levels, instead you want to be having BIG meals with less frequency.

Sleep: Having a proper nights sleep of 8 hours is also crucial, it will lower cortisol levels and increase GH levels. Ensure your room is pitch black dark so your body gets deep REM sleep.

2. Anti Estrogenic foods

As we spoke about before, estrogen is the enemy of testosterone. Foods high in estrogen are soy, sugar and non-organic meat/dairy. As you can see, pretty much everyone eats these on a daily basis.

Cruciferous vegetables: You want to be eating foods that fight estrogen levels. These will be cruciferous vegetables – dark leafy greens. These include: Kale, broccoli, brussel sprouts and spinach. Make these a staple in your diet.

High fat foods: Once your cruciferous veggies are covered, you should be focusing on high quality fat and protein. Most men are eating enough protein but usually not enough fat. Fat should make up at least 30% of your diet. A diet high in protein and fat has been proven to boost testosterone levels over the long-run. Foods you should be eating on a daily basis include eggs, avocado, olive oil, nuts and organic meats. Eat these in large quantities and ditch the excess carbs/snacking.

3. Cut out BPA Exposure

As a man trying to increase testosterone you need to limit your estrogen levels. Xenoestrogen is a xenohomone that mimics estrogen. One form of Xenoestrogen is called Bisphenol A (BPA). Don’t just listen to me, do your research on this and you will find a host of negative health issues associated with BPA.

Some of the negative health effects of BPA exposure include; infertility, heart disease, diabetes and more.

So how does this link to testosterone? well, its also been shown to drastically decrease testosterone and erection quality.

A Chinese study in 2009 showed that workers in BPA factories were FOUR TIMES more likely to report erectile dysfunction, decreased sexual desire and overall dissatisfaction with their sex life, compared with workers with no BPA exposure. The workers reportedly had reduced sexual function within one year of working at the factory. It was shown that the higher the exposure, the larger the chance of them having sexual difficulties. 

BPA Decreases Testosterone

Whats the Solution? How Do I Limit BPA Exposure?

Most people are drinking out of plastic cups and bottles. Find a trusted BPA-Free bottle and use that as your go-to for drinking liquids. Fill it up and take it with you to the gym. Nalgene have excellent, high quality BPA-free bottles that I use personally, Get it here if interested.

Get BPA-Free containers and store your food in them. You can take it to work and then wash and re-use the same containers for years. Ditch the plastic take-away containers filled with BPA.

4. Supplements to Boost Testosterone

We’ve noted at the start that testosterone boosters and libido enhancers do not seem to work.

The only real, 100% proven facts are that you need to ensure you’re getting your Vitamins. Almost everyone is deficient in one vitamin or another. Personally, I had a zinc deficiency and supplementing with Zinc made a HUGE difference. Having a vitamin deficiency will cause your testosterone levels to dip below the normal range. The big ones related to testosterone levels are:

    • Zinc Picolinate: Zinc is lost through both sweat as well as ejaculation, most serious weightlifters are likely to have a deficiency in zinc. Zinc picolinate is a highly absorbable version of zinc. You don’t want to be taking generic zinc found in supermarkets because they are inferior versions. For example, the ZMA product I first bought contained a measly 5mg of zinc, it was also the inferior amino acid chelate version. There have been studies proving that zinc picolinate has much better absorption than zinc citrate and zinc gluconate. My erection quality and hornyess improved hugely when i started taking 50mg zinc picolinate instead, which is why this is at the top of the list.
    • Magnesium: Magnesium is also lost through sweat, putting gym-goers at the highest risk for this deficiency. Recommended dosage is 200-500mg.
    • Vitamin D3: Another supplement which a lot of people are lacking is vitamin D3. In today’s modern era, indoors and artificial lights is the norm, robbing us of our natural sunlight, in which we obtain vitamin D. Again, the first time I bought Vitamin D3 it contained 200IU’s. It wasn’t until I did my research and bought a quality product containing 5000IU’s, where I started noticing real benefits with my testosterone levels.
    • Calcium: There are a couple of studies which show that calcium increases testosterone, you are also going to want to take calcium because drinking too much milk causes higher estrogen as we spoke about before. Thus if you eliminate milk you will likely need a calcium supplement.

The vitamins above all have dosages aimed at correcting deficiencies (vitamins you buy from the supermarket are 95% likely to be under-dosed, and thus won’t work).

These will need to be taken consistently, every day for at least a month, and the benefits will be huge.

If you’d prefer to take one tablet with Magnesium, Zinc, Calcium and Vitamin D, all in one, then Click Here. I just found that product by doing a search on amazon, it contains all the essential vitamins for increasing testosterone levels, just in lower dosages.

There you have it my friends, the complete guide to increasing your testosterone levels naturally.

Follow these steps to achieve diamond hard erections and boost your testosterone levels to normal and above.

Results will come and that is guaranteed. Just stick to the program for a minimum of one month and you will see impressive results. Don’t give in to the hype of test/libido boosting supplements. Push through and implement these habits and you will reap the rewards.

Thanks for reading, all the best.

-Martin Archer

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