5 Health Hacks That Will Make You Thrive

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If you look at your life like it’s a ship slowly making its way to the destination (the goal) – how efficient is your ships compass? If you are not implementing key habits, then you’re going to have a hard time reaching your destination. The person who is constantly succumbing to bad habits and crutches – almost always will never reach their true genetic peak. The person who implements good habits that give them energy and make them feel like they are THRIVING, will have the tide on their side.

The following are 5 key health habits that will take your health from coping to thriving:


You will be amazed at the difference sleeping in a pitch dark room will give you compared with a room filled with dim lights. Any form of artificial light will inhibit the secretion of melatonin and thus disrupt your natural circadian rhythm, reducing the quality of sleep you are getting. This is why sleeping in a pitch dark room is a must.You may think that you are sleeping in a pitch dark room already, but I assure you – most likely you are not. How can you tell if you are sleeping in a pitch dark room? You should not be able to see anything when the lights are off, even if you put your hand right in front of your face.

Here are some things to eliminate in-order to set up a pitch dark room:

  • Unplug chargers from power sockets: Many chargers often contain a small beam of light.
  • Cover gaps in windows: Ensure there is no light coming through windows as the artificial street lights will seep through. If you need to, put bedsheets over your curtains as many curtains are not thick enough to stop light from seeping in.
  • Put phone on do not disturb at night: be wary that every time you get a notification your phone will light up.


Its been told to us time and time again that breakfast is the most important meal of the day – this is true. However, Your breakfast needs to be heavy in protein and fat, not carbs. If you eat carbs first thing in the morning, you will have a spike in energy followed by a steep crash, which is the worst possible way to start your morning. Try it yourself – eat a bowl of oats or toast and by the time you get to work you’ll be tired and in a bad mood – I made this mistake for years. This is because your insulin levels will be low in the morning, but will be heavily spiked if you eat carbs.

However, if you eat eggs instead, with some OJ to wash it down – your mind will be crisp and clear – the perfect way to start the day. You don’t need research articles to prove that, just try it out for one morning and you’ll see the difference immediately. Eating the yolk also has tremendous health benefits so don’t worry about fat you are getting from the yolk.

  • Foods to avoid: cereal, toast, oats, pancakes, waffles, carbs etc.
  • Foods to eat: Eggs, bacon, steak, protein shake

P.s – Just a random tip: If you HATE cooking eggs in the morning like me, get an Egg Cooker. I personally have one and it makes it 100x easier for me to eat 5-6 eggs every morning, I use this one if you’re interested.


Eating vegetables are boring. If you can stand the taste – chugging down a green vegetable smoothie is the best way to go. Its quick, easy and VERY effective. I became hooked on green smoothies when I realised the amount of mental clarity and energy it gave me. I personally feel the effects IMMEDIATELY after chugging it. If you want a recipe that actually doesn’t taste that bad see below:

My personal green smoothie recipe:

  • handful of kale
  • handful of spinach
  • banana
  • 1/2 cup water
  • ice

We all know the health benefits of eating veggies. From better brain clarity, less disease, more energy, better functioning body…the list goes on. So, do your self a huge favour and start drinking green smoothies.


Okay, maybe not super powers, but close to it. Cold showers have been proven to show a very wide array of health benefits. Theres a new craze called cryo-therapy – where you pay hundreds of dollars a week to stand in a freezing cold chamber. Well, you can essentially do the same thing by taking a cold shower or sitting in an ice bath (for free!!). Its one of the cheapest, easiest, quickest ways to improve your health, you’ll even save money on the hot water bill.

The health benefits include:

  • More energy
  • Less dry skin and better hair quality
  • Improved blood circulation
  • Improved breathing

Not only health-wise, but mentally, cold showers are awesome for you. Remember, the shower has to be all the way cold – not half way. This can be very challenging but if you force yourself to stand in the freezing cold water for 3-5 mins you will reap the benefits. It teaches you to face your fears. You must put yourself in uncomfortable positions in order to grow in life – this is why I love cold showers.


You need to be performing some form of physical exertion daily if you want to be able to thrive in life. Almost every successful person starts there day with morning cardio. Personally, I start my day with lifting weights – as long as you are moving your body every single day. This is especially important for those who have office jobs or jobs where they are sitting for hours upon hours. You will start developing muscle imbalances if you don’t exercise. Not only that, but you will increase chance of disease and injury by ten fold if you’re not exercising. Motion creates emotion – start moving and you will start living.

The way I kept this habit was doing a 30 day challenge where I forced myself to do a 30 minute run for 30 days, no matter what. Force yourself every single day to workout, even if you don’t feel like it. This will build character, as-well as make you a more emotionally stable and disciplined person. People who don’t exercise cannot control their emotions, they are more likely to get upset about petty concerns such as waiting in line at the supermarket. A person who is very physically active is more healthy and have their emotions in order. They know what they want and they go after life in full esteem.


To Sum up: The 5 health hacks that will make you thrive are:

  1. Sleep in a pitch dark room
  2. Eat a high protein and fat breakfast
  3. Drink green vegetable smoothies
  4. Take cold showers
  5. Exercise daily

If you implement these habits you will change your life for the better. Remember, motion creates emotion. Start implementing these habits now so you can THRIVE in life and tackle your dreams head-on.

Till next time,

-Martin Archer

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